PDF and Hard Copy Links for all the CB Novels - Updated!

About Face is officially proofread and posted on Amazon and Smashwords, so time to update my PDF/sales post~

I know it's confusing because there's 4 books in only 3 volumes, but it goes like this in publication order:
1. Chaotic Butterfly (Published in volume 1)
2. Unseen Wings (Published in volume 1)
3. Purely By Luck (Published in volume 2)
4. About Face (Published in volume 3)

As an additional note, although I still think you're better off reading them in the order they were written/published, technically Purely By Luck is the first story chronologically. Then end of it overlaps a tiny bit with Chaotic Butterfly, but I think not enough to cause any real problems if you really did want to read them in time-order instead.

Sorry I took so long, but hope you think it's worth the wait!

Ways to own About Face, 1st edition:
1. Buy an ebook or a PDF from Smashwords (Cost: $3. Author gets ~$2. Lots of filetypes for Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and a bunch of others.)
2. Buy a hard copy from CreateSpace (Cost: $10+shipping. Author gets ~$3)
3. Buy a hard copy from Amazon (Cost: $10+shipping, eligible for super saver shipping. Author gets ~$1)
4. Download the PDF (cost: free.)

There isn't any difference at all between these versions. Obviously if you wanted to drop a couple bucks at Smashwords because you like 5*STAR and it's way cheaper than a hard copy, I'd appreciate it, but the free version is exactly the same for AF.

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Chaotic Butterfly - line seven

Chaotic Butterfly Kink Meme

It's been a little quiet around here this year, so clearly it is time for a meme.

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Basically, prompting meme is for prompting and filling those prompts.

If you are not a creator of fanworks, please don't be shy! Come tell us what you'd like to see. And if you haven't written in the Chaotic Butterfly universe before, don't be afraid to try it out! We love everything! This is a meme of love, not hate.

Alright, let the show begin~ :D
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Fic, Big Time Pet

Title: Big Time Pet
Pairing/Characters: 5*STAR, crossover guest
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for stuffy puppies and the potential uses of bandanas
A/N: For mousapelli, who wanted insane Big Time Rush crossover photoshoot fic. I-- I tried. I also decided that Hikari-chan was an acceptable translation of Sparky. Um. "Stuffy" and "puppy" don't look like real words any more. XD Happy Birthday, Mousi. snowqueenofhoth betaed even though she has a massive kanji test tomorrow, and she says happy birthday too. ♥

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