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Just to keep you guys updated: I submitted Chaotic Butterfly to Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award competition, and I just found out this afternoon that it made it to the second round! That means it's one of 1000 novels moving on, out of 5000 submissions in General Fiction, so I'm pretty proud.

Next round (500 quarterfinalists) will be chosen in the end of March. I'll let you guys know how it turns out, so keep your fingers crossed.

Also, since I'm posting: if any of you guys have bought CB off of Amazon, would you mind leaving a review on the amazon page? It'd be nice if it looked like people had read it, lol. And don't feel obligated to give it 5 stars if you don't think it deserves it, either, it's just that it'd be nice to have some stuff up there. You can fiddle the tags and whatever else too, if you want.
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Chaotic Butterfly - line seven


So, I was, like, five sentence from finishing this at a decent hour (otherwise known in daisytime as 2am) when my e-mail informed me that I'd sold a hat on Etsy. And then I had to jump around and squee because. Money. And hats. And yay.

AND THEN THE POWER FLICKERED WITHOUT MY HAVING SAVED ANY OF IT. DD: Thank you auto-save!! I had to rewrite most of the last part though, bah.

So. This was going to maybe have more sections. But for now, I mostly just want to go to bed.

And I hate that I can't even just write one thing in this verse without it spawning into five things. gah.

title: firsts
characters: Shiori and Sakurai; Adachi and his mom; Maeda and Goto. (guess which one's my favorite)
disclaimer: Mouse owns these people.
length: ~500 words

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Chaotic Butterfly - line seven

Chaotic drabble (15)

title: Just His Luck
characters: 5*STAR
warnings: Adachi's POV. Please excuse my his perverse thought stream. Also, this is not compliment to Interlude 6 because I started it beforehand and was too lazy to go back and change it. ;p
disclaimer: mousapelli owns them all.
length: ~800 words

summary: One look at the broody jeans model and the pair of insanely famous idols rolled up together on the couch made it obvious that either Reiki had been drugged or he was in one of those porno where the star was trapped in a porno.

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maniacal laughter goes here

Fanfic: If I Was a Childhood Mastermind, Would You Be My Partner in Crime?

If I Was a Childhood Mastermind, Would You Be My Partner in Crime?
by Rana Eros

(Chaotic Koreans, wee!Daeja love and elevator mishaps, app. 1270 words)
Some first meetings make the earth tremble. Mostly because they took place in an elevator and somebody stumbled.
Author's Notes: This is not traineefic, this is pre-traineefic, because I am sick and Mousi asked while I was in the right (or wrong) frame of mind to do it. Audienced by Eliza. For the Mousi!

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on my ass right now

Fic, Grounded [Adachi/Goto], Reversi [Rin/Adachi]

I realized I hadn't posted the last couple things to the comm. author fail.

Title: Reversi [Rin/Adachi]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Adachi always getting his revenge.
Summary: Rin isn't the only one who can't sleep.
AN: For seeschildkroete's birthday, and because she helped fix all my typos ♥

Reversi [Rin/Adachi, PG-13]

Title: Grounded [Goto/Adachi]
Rating/Warnings: R for middle of the night wake-up calls.
Summary: Even when he thought it was just a ploy, Goto didn't really mind being woken up so much.
AN: I dunno, I just wanted snuggly middle of the night porn. You all should feel free to write more of the same. Haha, this is my Goto/Rin otp icon.

Grounded [Goto/Adachi, R]

Also, I did the 10 Words or Less Meme with Chaotic Butterfly as well.
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Rin/Goto, PG-13

Title: More Than A Cameo
Pairing: Rin/Goto, various others implied
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for the way Adachi's mind works
AN: In honor of the Chaotic Butterfly PDF breaking my writer's block. Thanks to snowqueenofhoth for the beta and title, and for putting up with all my whining about the violin part of Labyrinth.

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