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Fanworks in Mousapelli's Chaotic Butterfly (5*STAR) Universe
Since swtjemz and ranalore have both been kind enough to write me fic using characters from Chaotic Butterfly, I thought it was time to make a comm.

This comm is for posting anything you have that has to do with Chaotic Butterfly (Mousapelli's 2007 NaNo novel), including but not limited to fic, icons, or whatever else. Any of the bands are fair game, juniors, debuted, koreans, or even 5*STAR themselves (although you run the risk of being jossed since I'm still in the process of writing). If you have a burning desire to make a post to incite discussion, go right ahead.

This sounds ridiculously pretentious. JUST HAVE FUN AND BE NICE, OKAY?

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